You’ve got questions and we have answers. Take a look at some of our most frequently asked questions from sellers and learn why our service beats the large brokerage firms while providing superior customer service.

What is the difference between Pay Per Service and large real estate companies?

Glad you asked! We offer the same types of services as any of the other real estate companies. We offer the same quality and professionalism. The difference is that, unlike other companies, you only pay us for the services you actually use. Instead of being paid a blanket commission on the value of the home for every service they offer, you only pay us small flat fees for each service you use. You save money and time! Neat, huh!

Am I limited in the kinds of packages I can purchase from you?

No, you are not! In fact, that’s what sets us apart from every other brokerage. You get to pick and choose what package works best for you, be it large or small, and avoid that fixed price!

When are you available in case I have any questions?

We have our lines open 24/7, with dedicated licensed real estate agents ready to answer your questions, from the smallest detail to an explanation of our policies.

Since your system is so different, how do you work with traditional buyers agents?

When you offer the buyer agent a full commission, your property sells faster and attracts more serious buyers with their agents. You save money by only paying us for the services you need, instead of a full commission.

Is Pay Per Service a license Real estate brokerage? Do you have experience working with traditional agents?

We are fully licensed to work in your area, and we maintain a mandatory Real Estate Trust account as per OREA requirements. Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have. And yes, we have plenty of experience working with traditional agents; we used to be one, after all!

As a seller, why is it better to work with non commissioned agents vs commissioned agents?

Since Commissioned agents are paid a percentage of the value of the home, they tend to work harder on the most expensive homes and might neglect others. So if your home is not the most expensive one on his/her list, you might not get the best service possible.  You get better deals and have more time with a non-commissioned agent, simply because they aren’t working on commission. They get paid the same so they have no reason to give more attention to another home vs yours.

How long will it take to get my commission rebate?

We pay the rebate directly to you, rather than through the agents, as soon we get our commission cheque from the listing brokerage normally 2-4 weeks.

When I sign an agreement with PPS, am I locked in for an extended period of time?

It depends on if you think 24 hours is an extended period of time. Since you have paid us in advance, we have no reason to lock you into a extended agreement.  We are paid to serve you, and you are free to leave at anytime (though we recommend you don’t) and satisfaction is our goal

What kind of paperwork in included with my agreement to work with PPS?

We use the OREA standard customer service agreement, with a schedule A customized to work with PPS (and for you!) everything is upfront and straight forward.

What options do I have when I want to sell a home with you? Am I limited only to your custom way of selling a home?

We have many different services to offer, since that is our goal. You can choose from one of many, or even have a service custom made specifically for you.

Do people really like working with you? Where can I see the results others have had working with PPS?

Of course! We have numerous proud testimonials from almost all of our clients, both on Google Review and by video. Every one of them is real, an example of how we work with people like you, and we’ve even opened ourselves up to investigation by RECO to put any doubts you  might have to rest. Not all agents do that.