Incredible Cash Rebate

Some people didn’t pay as much as they should have for the work done while others ended up paying far too much for the work they got. Was there a way to make it fair for everyone? With our Pay Per Service PPS concept, we help buyers and sellers pay only for what they use and we help Realtors get what they really earned. It’s a win/win.

Buyer's Service:


The Pay Per Service (PPS) solution allows the buyer to purchase upfront using a flat-fee model and then he/she would get 100% of the buying commission back at closing, possibly saving thousands of dollars! Pay as you go:

Showing Appointments $100

Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) $200

Buyer Offer Negotiation $1,000

Home Inspection Appointments $100 per hour

Note: This service is limited to purchase of 2 packages only. If more is required its recommended to upgrade to the 50% rebate or VIP service.

Buyer's Service:


The Flex plan would give the buyer the option of switching from the Flat fee PPS model to the VIP Unlimited service, a traditional commission based service. This can be done with no interruption to the buying process.

At closing, the PPS agent would refund the entire cost of the PPS package and would keep remaining buyer commission.


An expansion on the PPS model, the cash back rebate program refunds 50% of the buying commission and gives the buyer more options. It includes 20 showings with 4 offer presentations and CMAs.


This service is just like traditional way available in the market, where the agent provides unlimited service and retains the entire buying commission.

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