WHY you should choose PPS over ComFree

  • Personalized Service

  • ComFree provides no personal assistance when you list your property; you’ll have to deal with a call centre whenever you need assistant. Furthermore, you will have to do everything yourself – from answering calls to opening the doors during property showings.

  • PPS delegates a personal licensed real estate agent to take care of all your listing procedures, and we provide a 24/7 call centre to manage property showings on your behalf.

  • Save More

  • ComFree advertises a commission free listing. However, you will still be required to pay a buyer agent commission of 2.5% plus listing fees

  • PPS has a special commission free listing if you choose to sell and buy through us. No listing fee is charged.

  • Higher Success Rate

  • ComFree selling success rates are below the average industry standards due to no warranty for buyer’s commission on MLS.

  • PPS achieves high selling success rates by encouraging the sellers to offer full buying commission to the agents and indicated on MLS. This encourages agents to bring in more serious and qualified buyers.

  • Unique Buying Package

  • ComFree would share 50% of rebate for buyers after deducting $2000 from its commission.

  • PPS has a unique scale of buyer rebates which gives buyers the opportunity to get their money back. You can start with a prepaid ‘pay as you go’ basis for the services you need, and return 100% of the commission. Or you have the option to move to a 50% rebate limited to 20 showings and 4 offer presentations. If it doesn’t work at all, you may go straight to our VIP unlimited services and we will pay you back any prepaid fee shortly after closing the sale and we retain the remaining commission.

We help buyers and sellers pay only for what they use and we help Realtors make what they really earned. PPS found a way to fix the broken Real estate model. It’s a win/win.

PPS Realty Inc. Brokerage