Buying a home is likely to be the single largest purchase most people will make in their lives. A good choice will bring years of happiness and contentment. A bad choice can have the opposite effect. PPS is here to help you make a great choice and save you money at the same time! Here is what offer those looking to buy their dream home:

Showing Appointments: 

We make all the calls and arrange everyone’s schedule in order to help get you into the homes you want to look at. More importantly, we stay with you and look for issues that might be helpful in either negotiating a better rate or as a warning to possible costly repairs after the sale. Our goal is to help you make an informed decisions.

Comparative Market Analysis (CMA): 

Helping you get a fair price for a home is very important. Our goal is to help you get the home you want at the price you want. We will analyze the current trends in the neighborhood, check out the recent comparable sales and make sure that the house you want is being offered at a competitive rate.

Buyer Offer Negotiation: 

This is where the rubber hits the road. Buying a home involved many aspects that may have legal consequences. Understanding how to navigate the paperwork is one of the most important services we offer. What will come with the home? Do you have a way to get out of the deal in case an inspection finds something that is a deal breaker? Do you have enough time to close on the loan? What can you do to make the offer stand out over the other offers? We can help you with all of this.

Inspection appointments: 

One of the most important aspects of buying a home is the home inspection. Through a good inspection, hidden and possibly costly issues can be uncovered. No one wants to buy a lemon and we can help you either get out of the contract or renegotiate the terms so that new developments are taken into consideration. This step is critical.

Flex plan: 

One of the benefits of working with PPS is our flexibility. If you find that the current plan is not enough to fill your needs and you want to expand to more options, you can move to VIP plan! Contact us to learn more about this great option.

As you can see, we offer everything you need to help you make a successful home purchase. The biggest advantage of working with PPS is that you have the option of choosing which services you want or don’t want! It’s that simple.

Please contact us if you have any question or to get more information about our programs and how they can help you buy the perfect home at the perfect price.