PPS concept offers several of commission cash back plans to the buyer clients ranging from 100% to 50% rebate. The buying calculator helps to know how much cash rebate the buyer client may get from the brokerage considering different buying commission offered in each transaction by the seller or the listing brokerage.

How to use the calculator:

This customary calculator can be used as following:

- Enter the property value or the final selling amount into the second box.

- Enter the commission percentage offered by the seller or the listing brokerage into the third box.

- Enter the commission rebate or cash back offered by PPS into third box.

- You Get on the top box the commission rebate amount paid to you by PPS


- Property Value:                     $500,000

- Buyer Commission:              2.5%

- Commission cash back:       100%

- You Get:                                 $12,500


- Property Value:                     $700,000

- Buyer Commission:              2.0%

- Commission cash back:       50%

- You Get:                                 $7,000

Make sure to:

- Choose from the Buyer plans offered by PPS

- Calculate the prepaid PPS packages cost for 100% commission cash back program in order to figure out the net cash gain.