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    Rebate System

    Above Rebate System provides one of the best real estate services channelled toward client-satisfaction. By choosing one of our available options, you gain the freedom and assurance to move to the next level. We intend to return the most cash back to you while providing complete real estate services to help you buy your dream home.

    When it comes to cash back Rebate for Buyers, we are exceptional in the industry. Our team are committed to match and fulfil any competing deals. With thousands of dollars given back to our clients, we are very confident about our promises to you. No long-term BRA agreement binds you, as we have strong expertise to provide you with the best real estate services.

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    How does it work for buyers

    We provide a dynamic scale of rebate system for the buyer’s client. By so doing, the client makes good savings on commission based on selling price. We have two distinct service options which the buyer’s client can select from.

    First option is the 50% rebate option which is the most poular and very flexible. In this option, the service provided is limited to number of showings with full transaction follow up till closing date.

    Second option is the VIP service option with unlimited services. Client may switch directly from 50% rebate option to VIP service at anytime and get only $2000 rebate bounus.

    Fully Integrated Cash Back & Saving Solutions

    How about sellers

    We offer flat fees service for property listing with different services and VIP listing service as the traditional way available in the market.

    Selling & buying at same time

    If the client is selling and buying at the same time, we offer free listing subject to buying shortly after selling. If not, the client may subscribe to any of the aforementioned listing packages.

    Pre-construction Buyers

    Pre-construction condo buyers are entitled to get $5000 rebate at closing with those developers we cooperate with, mostly in all of the GTA.

    Why we give Rebate?

    "Rebates is the best way for homebuyers to negotiate their agent commission"

    We all know that a rebate is merely a discount in price that is offered to buyers by their suppliers or service providers to boost sales. What if I told you that the concept of rebate has more value within the real estate industry. Because now, the homebuyer have a strong negotiation power. Before purchasing a property, the homebuyer, does not discuss the commission paid to his Realtor. Because the commissions for both parties’ Realtors are built in the price, and it’s negotiated and decided between the seller and the listing Realtor in advance before listing the property on MLS. You may wonder why your Realtor who is representing you and protecting your interest, is paid commission fees by someone else? Isn’t it a conflict of interest or a twisted concept? But with Rebates, you have the choice to negotiate the commission paid to your realtor. Some will argue that the rebate may cause a discount in service level in term of experience or performance. However, this can be mitigated by relating the rebate amount to the quality of service performed by the Realtor. For example, there is a certain amount of rebate given back if the Realtor conducts a certain number of showings in addition to proper offer negotiation and complete follow up till the closing date (as mandated by the regulator regarding the duty of the Realtor towards the client). Rebate is legal in our marketplace as long it goes directly to the buyer, and not anyone else. The rebate system would reasonably draw the scope of work in details with clear expectations from both parties.

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