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    PPS Realty Brokerage

    Leading Cash Rebate Brokerage

    PPS Realty, Brokerage

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    Rebate System

    Above Rebate System provides one of the best real estate services channelled toward client-satisfaction. By choosing one of our available options, you gain the freedom and assurance to move to the next level. We intend to return the most cash back to you while providing complete real estate services to help you buy your dream home.

    When it comes to cash back Rebate for Buyers, we are exceptional in the industry. Our team are committed to match and fulfil any competing deals. With thousands of dollars given back to our clients, we are very confident about our promises to you. No long-term BRA agreement binds you, as we have strong expertise to provide you with the best real estate services.

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    Fully Integrated Cash Back & Saving Solutions

    How does it work for buyers

    We provide a dynamic scale of rebate system for the buyer’s client. By so doing, the client makes good savings on commission based on selling price. We have three distinct service options which the buyer’s client can select from.

    First option is the pay as you go option where the buyer’s client retains the privilege of earning the entire buying commission back. To subscribe to this option, the buyer’s client is required to purchase a prepaid buying package.

    Second option is the 50% rebate option which is an upgrade of the pay as you go option. In this option, the service provided is limited.

    Third option is the VIP service option with unlimited services and full return of any amount paid by pay as you go option at closing. Client may switch directly from pay as you go to VIP service without first needing to try the 50% rebate option.

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    How about sellers

    We offer flat fees service for property listing with different services and VIP listing service as the traditional way available in the market.

    Selling & buying at same time

    If the client is selling and buying at the same time, we offer free listing subject to buying shortly after selling. If not, the client may subscribe to any of the aforementioned listing packages.

    Pre-construction Buyers

    Pre-construction condo buyers are entitled to get $5000 rebate at closing with those developers we cooperate with, mostly in all of the GTA.

    Our Philosophy

    We believe in fairness when it comes to the duty of the real estate agent toward the clients. In today’s market, with proper presentation, the property sells itself. Buyer’s clients are very knowledgeable and have wide access to the industry using almost the same tools Realtors do. So why not get paid for the unique service we offer? Let’s build long lasting relationships with our clients instead of the one-off transactions that are the order of the day. Our goal is to bring back the credibility of the Realtors and maintain the need for our service at all the times in a decent and fair manner.

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